A Repair Technology of Copper Parts —— CNK+ Technology



Technical principle and development of CNK+ technology



Compared with conventional surface processing technologies, the technology using high energy beam sunch as electron beam, laser beam and ion beam to process the surface of materials(coating, surface hardening,etc.) and gain better effect. Therefore, it is honored as the one of advanced manufacturing technology this century.



As a integrated surface processing technology, CNK+ combineding surface coating technology of multicomponent system ion beam with pulse plating technology, achieves excellent effect “one add to one is greater than two”.



CNK+ can coat evenly various or multilayer of alloy materials (nanocomposites) with maximum thickness 150 mm!This revolutionary  technology reaches surface remaking of base material.



 CNK+ has step into industrialization. Continuously, the technology have been applied to copper-based parts repairing for dozens of steel plants in several years and won the industrial verification in practices. Take crystallizer of continuous casting machine for example, the accumulative yield is over 10 million tons by CNK+ repairing.



According to  properties offered by clients like abrasion resistance, self-lubricating, high temperature resistance, high hardness, high strength, anti-extrusion and other physical properties, CNK+ compounds the special metal alloys or bi-metal materials with base materials. Also, the thickness of the composites and regenerate materials can be adjusted as required.



There are much breakthrough in plating metallic composite of ceramic treating on kinds of base materials  and surface modification made by CNK+. So far, it has been applied to many other fields of aerospace, petrochemical industry and marine power,etc.



Compared with other surface modification technology, CNK+ has the least influences on properties of the base material and can compound the nanocomposite with base material tightly without peeling off. Also, this technology repair complicated parts or make overall surface modification so that the service life of parts can be prolonged



On the basis of advanced technologies, such as surface coating technology of high energy beam and pulse plating technology, the revolutionary breakthrough created by CNK+ is that composite various and multilayer of metal alloy materials on base materials as steel, nickel, copper, aluminum,and ceramic to effectively eliminate the stress of surface processing.  So it compounds thicker layer of nanocomposites with excellent perfomances in high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and long service life.



This advanced technology makes extraordinary breakthrough for repairing copper parts. CNK+ adjusts the thickness of the nanocomposites according to the damage degree of parts so that the parts will be restored to original size. For instance, for swearing parts and scrapping parts due to mechanical damages or excessive abrasions, CNK+ repair the damaged surface of copper parts without stress avoiding melting parts down under atmospheric pressure. Without internal stress, nanocomposites combined with copper parts  tightly by this technology, but other conventional  welding repair technology like overlaying welding can not achieve.



CNK+ has been widely used on metallurgical mines, heavy machinery, transportation, aerospace, national defense military industry, petrochemical industry, marine power.



As crystallizer for example, CNK+ (copper parts repair technology) is superior to the existing technology in several aspects like product properties and service life. The technolgy will bring huge economic benefits to users on account of avoiding scrap of crystallizer.




Characteristics of CNK+ (Copper Parts Repair Technology)



Compared with existing surface coating technologies, CNK+ copper parts repair technology achieved international breakthrough in many fields. The main advantages include:



1. Reproduce base material. CNK+ eliminates the limitations of all surface coating technologies and remake surface of copper base material. It successfully makes the abrasive parts return to original size (thickness of composit material<150mm), which means most damaged copper parts can be restored (original size) and  be free from melted down;



2. Diversity of composites. CNK+ compound various or multilayers of nanocomposites on base materials. It is satisfied requirements of customers, like abrasion resistance, self-lubricating, high temperature resistance, high hardness, high strength and compressional deformation resistance. CNK+ can regenerate copper-based parts, bimetal, board, tube, etc



3.  Repairing and surface processing without stress. CNK+  finish the surface modificationbe on the damaged parts and repairing without stress, avoiding the defects of melting.




CNK+ (Copper Parts Repair Technology) Identification and Industrial Practice



Testing the tube crystallizer repaired by CNK+ and circularly operated for several times shows that repair layer and surface compounding layer (nanocomposites) compound with base material tightly. Metallographic analysis on the fracture surface of  parts shows that composite material used by CNK+ technolgy will never peel off.


CNK+ copper parts repair technology passed mass of technology verifications. Compared with existing tubular crystallizer plated chrome alloy, the service life of crystallizer repaired by CNK+ (surface with composite nickel alloy material) will increase 3 times;

The longest recycling service time of parts repaired by CNK+ (compound with nickel alloy material) has been over two years. The repaired crystallizers will be recycled. 30% crystallizers which should have been melted down can be used continually every year.



Economic benefit & cooperation



1. Compared with traditional chromium alloy plating technology for tubular crystallizer, CNK+ technology improve repair capacity and material performance. This technology has reached or exceeded the technical level of similar technologies in the world. It increases service life of products 3 times.

2. Remanufacturing capability of CNK+ technology makes copper-based parts of crystallizer to realize multiple recycled avoiding melting down. For scrapping crystallizer, almost all the parts due to mechanical damages or excessive abrasions can be recycled.

3.  CNK+ copper parts repair technology has been applied to various of copper-based parts and crystallizers whose copper tube diameter is less than 1000 mm,  maximal size of copper plate reach 2500mm  and weight is less than 10 tons. So far, the technology has been used for repairing copper-based parts and crystallizers for several steel plants accumulative yield of tube blank is over 10 million tons.The cost is just half of buying a new one.

4. CNK surface coating technology of high energy beam has been accepted and applied widely. Applying CNK+ technology to repairing crystallizer can promote the upgrading of technology, greatly reduce the cost of production and improve competition ability for steel enterprises.

Display of CNK+ technology cases


               tube copper crystallizer6 repaired by CNK+                                                                       CNK+ PLAN


       800X780 tube copper crystallizer2                                                             tube copper crystallizer3


             coatting after operation                                                          tube copper crystallizer4 by CNK+