Hybrid Welding Techinology

Super-MIG® is a patented hybrid process, combining plasma and MIG into a single welding torch, where plasma operates in “keyhole” welding mode for deep penetration; MIG operates in “conduction” mode to the fill void created by the plasma, stabilizing plasma keyhole.


Super-MIG® KIT includes:

     - Interface/Controller.   

        - Distribution Unit.

        - Integrated Plasma PSU.

        - Adaptable to popular MIG welders, such as Lincoln, Miller, Panasonic,    OTC, ESAB, etc.

         - Compatible with analog MIG welder controls.

         - Optional Weld Process Monitor.   




Super-MIG® Benefits compared to conventional MIG:

 - Higher welding speeds (2-3 times faster than MIG).  

   - Produces true lap welds.

   - Seam finding or tracking not required (for most applications).

   -  Improved part quality, due to reduction of welding heat input.

   - Reduced wire consumption.

   - Easily integrated into traditional MIG applications.

   - Welds Steel / Aluminum.

  - Higher quality welds for same range of weldable materials (MIG/TIG/Plasma).

  - Significant reduction in weld spatter

Super-MIG® System:

1 - Super-MIG® Torch
2 - Super-MIG® Interface
3 - Super-MIG® Torch Cleaning Device
4 - Any Std. MIG Welding Robot 
5 - Wire Feeder
6 - Any Std. MIG Power Supply


Super-MIG® Welding Torch:

-  Compact Head.

-   Capable of 250A for plasma and 350A for MIG.

-  Pre-aligned to ensure repeatable performance and easy maintenance.

-   Water Cooled.

-   •Can use .035” or .045” wire diameters

-  Electrically Isolated.

- Can handle up to 1.2mm wire.

 -  Quick change Tungsten Electrode.


Super-MIG® Interface:• - Compatible with most popular robot controllers• - Includes an integrated Unitronics PLC• - Capable of storing multiple welding programs• - Gas flow monitor allows gas mixture adjustment• - Plasma power source• - Pump and reservoir for the torch cooling system• - Patented “Softstart™” plasma pilot arc ignition system

Weldone™ unit includes the  Weldone™ Head,  Weldone™ Control System, Arc Power Supply and user friendly operational software. The software provides the user with the required process parameters, based on extensive research and mathematical modeling of the physical processes occurring in the laser-plasma-workpiece interaction, backed with a massive database of optimal welding parameters. Thus, the software and the knowledge imbedded within are an additional barrier that protects PLT's proprietary know-how.


Weldone™ key attributes for users are:

 -Major increase in speed/throughput - typically x2 for most of materials.

-Major increase in penetration capability - typically x2 for most of materials.

-Dramatically reduced heat input.

-High and repeatable weld quality.

-Increased tolerance to workpiece variations.

-Increased tolerance to fit-up and positional variations.

-Produces welds with exceptional cosmetic appearance.

-Designed for easy automation.

-Simple power control e.g. for down slope and up slope.

-Compact integrated welding head - robot compatible.

-Friendly user interface, easy operation and simple maintenance.

-Wire-feed models available.


Due to the constriction of the plasma arc caused by the interaction with the laser beam, the quality of the combined technology is comparable to that of laser-alone (of equivalent power), rather than a plasma arc.


For applications requiring high speed welding of thin plates, we have demonstrated that the increase in productivity does not come at the expense of process quality, which would have a negative impact on acceptance and post-process costs. In addition, we have demonstrated that combined technology, by reducing fit-up requirements compared with laser-alone, produces savings in pre-process cost.


For applications requiring thick material welding, we have demonstrated significant savings in both pre- and post-processes, both by reduction of fit-up problems, and by low heat input into the workpiece as compared to arc alone.


More information please link to our partner Plasma-laser Technologies LTD