General situation

Our business line is developing and  exploiting in the field of metallurgy......

Kalugin shaftless hot blast stove ——Development of a unique design in the field of high-temperature air heating for blast furnaces

Hot blast stoves define in many respects the techno-economics of blast furnace operation. The rise in the hot blast temperature leads to the reduction in the specific coke rate and enhancement of the specific productivity of blast furnaces, which essentially reduces the operating cost. Economic efficiency of blast heating depends on capital expenses for construction and repair of hot blast stoves. The level of maintained hot blast temperature, capital expenses for construction of hot blast stoves as well as the service life between relines of hot stoves strictly depend on their design.

Kalugin shaftless hot blast stove with a small diameter pre-chamber at the top of the dome has become the further development of the dome combustion concept. Gas is combusted in the ceramic burner device of “pre-chamber” type where the jet-vortex flow of gas and air is arranged in the vertical axis of the stove. Annular headers of gas and air are arranged inside the brickwork of the KSS pre-chamber and the latter is independently supported on the dome shell.

Hybrid Welding Tecnology——developed to-date two main hybrid innovative systems

Super-MIG®, based on the combination of a MIG/MAG welding process and a plasma-arc in one processing head. 
Weldone™, based on the combination of a laser beam and a powerful plasma-arc in one processing head.

CNK+ Tecnology ——   A repair technology of copper parts

Deyang Dong He Advanced Material Technology Ltd. located in Deyang city Sichuan Province (Southwest in China, heavy industry area). It has the world first-class international cooperative research and development team, has a strong research and innovation capacity, professional engaged in a new comprehensive physical properties of strategic emerging industries -- metal material R & D, and manufacturing. Our coreCNK+ technology has step into industrialization. It has applied for crystallizer repairing and brought a huge benefits.