Integral Replacement of Hot Blast Pipe for Blast Furnace 2200m3

In 20th July 2017, Beijing Golden Bridge Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. successfully completed the world's first integral replacement project of hot blast pipe of blast furnace 2200m3 in ESSAR STEEL INDIA LIMITED. The entire replacing works were finished in 8 days of BF shutdown, including dismantling of old pipe and installation of new pipe, and the blast temperature increased from original 1050 to 1200 centigrade. If the conventional construction method is adopted, it will take at least 80-90 days to renew the old pipe of Ø3840mm and overall length 70m, and the blaast furnace will lose than 480-540 thousand tons of production. Our advanced construction methods directly reduce production loss by more than 90%. The new improved hot blast pipe is beneficial for the user to further reduce iron-making cost so as to achieve remarkable econommica benefit.

Depend on the advanced KALUGIN hot blast stove technology, for over 15 years we have been committed to maintenance, modification and new build in various hot blast stove of BF 250~5500m3, including stove body, hot blast pipe, bustle pipe and blowing device. With blast tem of 1200-1300 centigrade and greatly reduced project investment and maintenance costs, to create  higher economica benefits and market competitiveness for Indian users.

High temperature, long life and low investment are the common goals of iron-making firms. We are willing to join hands with Indian users to create a high blast temperature of 1200-1300 centigrade. We can do and do better.